You are currently viewing Crime and criminals are unlocked in UP; police and government completely locked down: Dheeraj Gurjar

UP becomes hotspot of rape, murder, gang rapes of Dalit girls; rule of law goes for a toss: Dheeraj Gurjar

In Yogi’s Ram Rajya, killers and criminals are on prowl; Yogi Government an utter failure in protecting women: Aradhana Mishra Mona

Law and order situation on ventilator in Uttar Pradesh; Team-11 is issuing fake data: Deepak Singh

Lucknow, 07, September 2020: The Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee has said that on the one hand Yogi Government has left the people to their fate during the corona pandemic, on the other the people of the state are getting lost in the ever swelling floods of crime. The incidents of rape and murder have exposed the so-called Ram Rajya of the Yogi Government.

Addressing a press conference here at the UPCC headquarters here, AICC secretary and co-in-charge Mr Dheeraj Gurjar said that there is a kind of competition between corona and crime in Uttar Pradesh. The criminals are emboldened like anything. Police have lost their morale. The entire government including Chief Minister Yogi Ji and police are not able to control either corona or criminals. The government hospitals are proving to be white elephants and poor people are being subjected to the loot of private hospitals. The way the goons are committing crimes, people are losing lives in police custody, minors are being raped and the spurt in heinous crimes, it makes quite clear that the Yogi Government has no control over the governance. He said that the police are in a state of unlock in Uttar Pradesh, while the government and the police are the condition of the locked down.

Congress Legislature Party leader Mrs Aradhana Mishra Mona said that the daily incidents of violence, rape, gang rape, murder, harassment of women only indicate that there is nothing left in the name of law and order in the state and the state has become a shelter of rapists. The incidents of heinous crimes from dozens of districts like Lucknow, Lakhimpur, Sitapur, Gorakhpur, Agra, Pratapgarh and Kushinagar are a living example of abysmal law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh. She further said that in the BJP government which has given the slogan of Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, girls are the most vulnerable. The Yogi Government has completely failed to protect women and girls. Is this the truth of the so-called Yogi model? The Chief Minister is maintaining silence. The government will have to answer whose responsibility is to ensure the safety of sisters and daughters in Uttar Pradesh?

Addressing the press conference, Leader of the Congress party in the Legislative Council, Mr Deepak Singh said that it is the same Yogi Government which formed ‘Anti-Romeo Squad’ as soon as it came to power but has failed to check the incidents of molestation and rape in the state. He advised Yogi Adityanath that he should review the law and order situation in the state. The media management and false data from Team-11 are not going to stop crime in the state. There is a need to take strict action against criminals and break their morale so that the general public can heave a sigh of relief. In the end, he said that whether Team-11 is not aware of these heinous incidents happening in different districts of the state or they just release false figures to please the Chief Minister.