Rajat Synergy Foundation became a change maker in Covid-19 pandemic

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Rajat Synergy Foundation became a change maker in Covid-19 pandemic

Under menstruation hygiene campaign, sanitary pads were distributed to more than 34,000 women, girls apart from creating awareness for personal hygiene: Rajat Pathak

Rajat Synergy Foundation will run an awareness drive regarding protection against coronavirus especially among the deprived sections: Rajat Pathak

Lucknow, 25 December: During the challenging time when Covid-19 pandemic was breeding uncertainty and despair in the country, leading social organisation Rajat Synergy Foundation was actively engaged in bringing about a positive change in the society and emerging as a change maker with its service, support and dedication

Year 2020 heralded with the coronavirus disease and by the last week of March, the entire country had come to a virtual standstill. During such testing times, the Foundation was continuously engaged in discharging its social responsibility. The lockdown had generated a fear psychosis in the society and created an atmosphere of depression among the people at large. It had also started to impact livelihood and general immunity of the people. It was then that 100 eminent personalities sent their video messages in 25 Indian languages about protecting against the coronavirus to the Rajat Synergy Foundation. The Foundation then utilised the social media platform and through the successful use of crowd sourcing relayed these messages to more than two million individuals. This earned heartwarming plaudits at the global level. It is noteworthy that the Rajat Synergy Foundation is directly networked with about two million people.

Besides, weekly sanitisation drive covering more than 100 households was also conducted to shield against the coronavirus infection.

At the clarion call of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and inspired by Mission Shakti of the Uttar Pradesh government, the Foundation also promoted its women centric ‘Kashi ke Sipahi’ campaign. This remains the largest and most ambitious such drive in Varanasi district yet. Through this drive aimed at creating menstruation hygiene awareness among 30,000 women folks, the Foundation has already reached out to more than 34,000 women. At the same time, blankets were also distributed to more than 200 tribal and slum dwelling women in the Sarai Dangri area.

Acting as a change maker, the Rajat Synergy Foundation facilitated the release to those prisoners who were serving jail terms in lieu of fine, so that they could also join the mainstream of society. The release of six prisoners, who were serving terms over a fine of merely Rs 1,000, upon the promise of turning in a new leaf and eke out a living with honestly and labour, was an epoch making event and the mission still continues. Steps were also taken to support the various self help organisation, legal firms and advocates in several other cities of the country, which in turn has strengthened the network and the mission of the Foundation.


Rajat Pathak


Rajat Synergy Foundation, Varanasi