Farmers must be compensated for the loss of sugarcane crop due to excessive rains: Ajay Kumar Lallu

Government must ensure payment to farmers with interest from the sugar mills: Ajay Kumar Lallu

Lucknow, 23 September 2020: UPCC president Mr Ajay Kumar Lallu has written to Sugarcane Development and Sugar Mill Minister Mr Suresh Rana, asking him to ensure adequate compensation to farmers for the loss of sugarcane crop due to heavy rains and also to ensure that sugar mills clear the pending payments of farmers along with the interest.

In the letter, UPCC president Mr Ajay Kumar Lallu has stated that there are reports of heavy damage of sugarcane crops in various districts of the state due to the water-logging caused by heavy rains. He said that this has been established even in the government survey of sugarcane growing districts. So far no assurance with regard to the payment of compensation has been given to the affected farmers. They are faced with twin crises – firstly, they have lost their crops due to heavy rains, and they are not getting their pending dues from the sugar mills.

The UPCC chief said that there is a reduction in the acreage of land under the sugarcane crop as farmers have neither been adequately paid for their crop as they faced the problem in selling their produce as the sugar mills are closed in the state nor the sugar mills are clearing their old dues. They are not getting any interest paid on their pending payments. All this has worsened the financial condition of farmers. Not only this, the Yogi Government has not revised the price of sugarcane since 2017, but the input cost of farmers is increasing very fast.

UPCC president Mr Ajay Kumar Lallu said he has made seven points in the letter for the betterment of sugarcane growers in the State. The prominent among these points are the restarting of closed sugar mills, compensation to farmers as per the findings of the government survey, inclusion of sugarcane crop in the ambit of Fasal Bima Yojana, increasing the sugarcane price to Rs 450 per quintal and clearing old payment with interest to farmers as has been stated in the affidavit given to the court by the Sugarcane Commissioner.