UPCC to protest on Friday against NEET-JEE exams

Exposing students to Covid-19 infection won’t be tolerated: Mr Ajay Kumar Lallu

Centre must postpone NEET-JEE examination: Mr Ajay Kumar Lallu

Will register nationwide protest through #SpeakUpForStudentSafety campaign: Ajay Kumar Lallu

Lucknow, 27 August, 2020: The Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee (UPCC) will hold state-wide protests on Friday at 11 am against the Centre’s decision to hold JEE-NEET examinations during the corona pandemic.

In a statement on Thursday, UPCC chief Mr Ajay Kumar Lallu said: “The Congress workers will hold protests across the state on Friday against the Central government’s decision to conduct JEE-NEET exams amid the corona pandemic. Protests will be held in front of the offices of Central, state government establishments and District Administration headquarters.”

Mr Lallu said that neither the Centre nor the State government has been able to contain the spread of coronavirus pandemic and now they are trying to expose lakhs of students to the deadly infection of Covid-19, which has so far killed over 60,000 people in the country.

“We demand that the Centre must postpone JEE-NEET examinations in view of the countrywide spread of coronavirus. Since the students appearing are teenaged, they are accompanied by their parents to the examination centres. It is the Centre’s advice to all elderly people not to step out in view of Covid-19 as they are more vulnerable to the virus. Has the Central government forgotten its own advisory,” asked Mr Lallu.

UPCC president Mr Ajay Kumar Lallu said a nationwide campaign will also be launched on social media platform #SpeakUpForStudentSafety against the insensitive decision of the Modi Government to conduct JEE-NEET examination amid a corona pandemic.